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Who Am I Lord (December 2006)

I am posting this letter to share my faith with those who need it even more than I do. It is an excerpt from my book and it was written during some of my most dire days. Remember, you are NEVER alone. I hope this gives you the courage to carry on. God Bless us ALL!

Who Am I, Lord?     (December 2006)

     Who am I, Lord? You’ve taught me so much in my life, and I thank you for all of it. I’ve always tried to find the lessons you meant for me, and to become the man you wanted me to be. I’m so sorry if I failed you, otherwise why would you continue to tear my mind from me? Your own Mother offered me your Light and instructed that I should use it well, and to that end I can feel your fire burning brightly within me.

     Yet, I still don’t know how to use it, and I fear I’ve failed you. But why my Lord, does my torment continue still? Who am I, Lord? How can I fulfill my promise to Our Lady of Mercy, if I’m only half a man? Who am I, Lord? Is the pain and loss which I feel, completely necessary to carry out your work?

     I ask that you offer me the strength and courage to finish this work, as I know it’s the reason I’m here. Please bless my family with your wisdom, as you have blessed me. Lord, I remember now who I am. I am your servant.

From Anger To Enlightenment,  A Survivor’s Story of Faith ©

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