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Trauma Induced Stress is NOT a disorder!

Trauma Induced Stress is NOT a disorder!

Robert Palasciano

     I believe the term Trauma Induced Stress more appropriately describes how we Survivors feel. I believe this term removes the negative connotation of the word disorder from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. We have been induced with stress through traumatic events. We did not catch this condition; rather it was inflicted on us. Our minds have been induced with stress as a consequence of our own particular brand of trauma. Some survivors experienced these events in a protracted abusive childhood. Other survivors are imposed with this condition because of war or violent crime. In every case of Trauma Induced Stress, something important was torn away from us, which we may never get back. We’ve lost our innocence, our sense of safety, and our belief that we didn’t deserve what came of us. We survivors feared and may continue to fear our own imminent death. Many more of us have lost body parts, the effects of which traumatize us every day.
Any of us may incur this condition by events which may occur from childhood to adulthood. I believe our suffering may be long-lasting, especially if the events were extreme or protracted. When our symptoms hold us down, we feel powerless and alone. Few can understand how we can be so affected by events that took place long ago. Those people expect time to heal our wounds, but it doesn’t. Believe me, I felt just like you for so many years, but a new age has dawned, one of understanding and enlightenment. Despite our daily dose of unwanted guilt, anger, flashbacks, and nightmares, we’ll always remember that we’re survivors before all else. My fellow survivors please understand that you are NOT alone, for we are many and help is here.

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