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Monsignor Thomas Costa

    When Rob gave me the manuscript of his book, I couldn’t put it down. At times I was moved to tears; at times I was numb with the horror of what Rob endured; at times I was filled with admiration of how he allowed the Holy Spirit to lead him on this amazing journey with Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. I urge you to talk to Rob, to read his book, and listen to him speak. You will surely be moved and inspired by what Rob has to say.
I think this is an important book in a special way for those who suffer from what is commonly called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Anyone who is a survivor of a crime, any kind of abuse, or any type of personal painful crisis, can learn from Rob that it is possible to be healed without ignoring what has been done; to learn to integrate and to understand. I know it has moved and helped me and I promise you it will do the same for you and many others.


JUDGE, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Entry Category: Inspirational

From Anger To Enlightenment, by Robert Palasciano, is written with passion and faith and lets the reader experience the amazing happenings in the author’s life. The story is, indeed, inspiring and frightening at the same time. His experience in the hospital while recovering from being murdered—yes, murdered—inspires faith, but the continuing horrifying nightmares would disturb the mind of even the most hardened person. The book is easy to read and understand, and it leads the reader through the author’s experiences as though they were his/her own. He also leads us through the process of healing with his Five Steps for Healing. I recommend the book to anyone who has experienced the trauma of losing a loved one or suffers from post-traumatic stress. The author has been through it all and explains in clear, easy to read language the pathway toward a new, more peaceful and productive life both at home and at work, whatever the reader’s experience has been. Not only has this author undergone a leap of faith in writing this book, I can see it as making an EXCELLENT MOVIE!

This book is truly a testament to the human spirit. This book is not just for survivors but for the atheists, spiritualist, the blessed, the enlightened, the happy, the sad, the confused, the seekers, the loved and the lost. The author has purged himself of a horrific event and in doing so, unselfishly opened a door for others to step through…those who might have never even known there was an option to true self awareness and happiness. Thank you Rob…and may he always walk with you on this journey. Your work has only just begun. Peace and prayers. 333

Inspiring and well written

on February 16, 2016

I loved this book enough to get another copy for a friend of mine. Truly inspiring and well written account of not only overcoming the odds, but HOW to conquer them… how to NOT let hate, anxiety, and fear rule your life. Who doesn’t have something that keeps pulling them back into their past? This is a must read for everyone.

I highly recommend this book

By LongIslandGal on January 2, 2016

Yes, there is hope for survivors of severe trauma! From Anger to Enlightenment steps the reader through Robert’s experiences: from a catastrophic event, to extensive post trauma stress, to ongoing healing through the power of God and professional support. Very informative, and yes, enlightening. I highly recommend this book!


Doreen Miller

This book has made me a more Compassionate person

When I heard about this book I knew I’d like it… but I was wrong, I LOVE it! I did not expect it to be so powerful. As I read, it felt like the author was right there with me telling not simply his story, but an eyewitness account of the power and reality of God, our Blessed Mother, and the human condition. It is written with an urgency and fire by a man who wants us to know what he now knows. It reinforced my faith and confidence in God and Mary’s presence with each of us. Written with great detail about Trauma Induced Stress, it helped me understand the seriousness of this syndrome. The book can particularly help people with Trauma Induced Stress and those who are in their lives. This is an important book and I plan to order a few to pass along.

The book is especially important for anyone who has been through trauma or knows anyone who has PTSS. I’m not in that category, but I am very thankful that I read this book because now I know just how terrible the suffering is for those who are living with this condition. I also learned something of what medical approaches can be taken to cope with PTSS. The book has made me a more compassionate person.

Amazing Must Read

By Adria Keenan

WOW incredible story, written in such an easy to read, easy to relate tone. Even people who “never read” can and will read this true book. Share it with someone you know who has witnessed or suffered from a traumatic event – it will change your life.

on December 18, 2014
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This is a wonderful story about believing and having faith.


Oct 13, 2014 Lisa :  Amazing Must Read

There is a higher presence for us all whether it be God, Grace or whatever resonates with you. Trust in your instincts and follow this path and you can never go wrong. This author (who happens to be a person I hope is can call a friend) shows us that everything happens for a higher reason we may not be able to understand but we can find peace if we trust in that fact. The words and message is simple and can speak to any age about any trauma. I loved the message and hope this book will help many.