From Anger to Enlightenment    From Anger to Enlightenment

I am building a Road…

     I am building a Road…

Robert Palasciano

I am building a road, to where I do not know. It is a road that must be walked with bare feet and it is sometimes forsaken and paved with shards of glass. Yet it is still my road to build and I will never stop. I am guided by The Light given to me in death by Our Lady. The Light nourishes me and speaks to me in whispers and thoughts. It buffers my pain and leads me to incredible heights.
     Faith isn’t a crutch used by the frail to prevent them from falling over. Faith is our mighty staff which we wield as we walk through the valley of our personal shadow of death. It is true that we sometimes require our faith to lean on and provide us with strength and courage, but no more than those who lack faith and lean on the truly feeble power of money. God Bless us All.

From Anger To Enlightenment,  A Survivor’s Story of Faith

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